We are Perfect Touch Construction Inc, a family owned Construction Company. We are a fully licensed and insured. Our experience in the home construction sector sums up to a combined 15 years of experience from our owners. And we specialize in home improvements.

We are here because we know about houses and homes, we know the struggles of getting finances and good construction work done. We understand the journey of turning a house into a home. So we want to fix and improve your home, so you can have the house that you dreamed of. 

Our employees are experienced and skilled home construction workers who are passionate about the work they do. These individuals will turn your dreams on paper into reality. And we can guarantee only quality construction work will be done in your house. 

Our dedicated home improvement contractors strive to always meet the needs and expectations of our customers at any time and under any circumstances. We are dedicated to delivering exceptionally the best and always deliver on time. This and so much more is what we promise to achieve in every home improvement project we undertake.

Liduvina & Leo - Owners